The company is proud of it’s many years of experience in the field of flooring and design and implementation, covering more than 25 years of experience. The company is led by businessman Sherif Mounir, the General Manager. We are proud to work with a team of skilled and talented engineers and designers who obtain a very high cooperation level within their business which allows for the company to have a very unique skill set. We try to implement the modern designs and trends in the Han tufted carpets while still maintaining our simplicity and classical touch. We also provide Arabesque designs and geometric designs to obtain another level of satisfaction alongside ensuring that our services are up to the best standards, locally and internationally, in Cooperation with companies all over the world including, but not limited to, Germany, The United States of America, Thailand and China

Our products

In order to satisfy all levels and tastes of our clients, we offer a variety of products from Carpets, Parquet, wallpaper, and curtains to their specific need Including

  1. Hand Tufted

    We offer a variety of hand tufted carpets ranging from different materials including silk, wool, fine New Zealand wool, English wool and acrylic.

  2. Ax Minster

    for the rough use of concrete halls, cinemas and hotel rooms, which provides a long product life with the same best quality. This could consist of 80% New Zealand wool and 20% nylon in all of the products.

  3. Carpet tiles

    a carpet divided into a small 50cm X 50cm which works in different locations like offices, major companies and banks with more than 37 colours and combinations that are available.

  4. Mosque

    carpets designed specifically for mosques with unique Islamic designs suitable for a place of worship.

  5. Parquet

    solo wood parquet consists of HDF and MDF wood which are equipped for heat resistant properties, high impact tolerance, unique colours and modern designs. The company withholds more than 11 unique colour combinations for parquet.

  6. Wall paper

    we work alongside Newmor which fully manufactures its wall paper in The United Kingdom. This wall paper brand is anti-fire, antistatic, anti-bacterial and also anti- chemical, hence it can be washed and cleaned with ease and alongside that if’s up to international standards. The wonderful aspect of this wall paper is that it is 100% customizable upon order within its 39 accommodated colours

  7. Venial

    we work alongside LG Hausys which provides a type of flooring in homes, offices, hospitals and playgrounds. This product is heat and shock resistant.

  8. Curtains

    our curtains are characterized by the quality of materials and the diversity of colours thay are arranged within the options for the customer. It’s widely used in offices and homes because of its very unique customizable designs. We’ve got a very good quality of curtains which is suggested by it being resistant to pollution and ignition from the sun rays.

Our Vision

success for every aspect of the process and to enhance the design and the field in every customer’s eye.

Our Projects

We strive on our keenness to satisfy the customers in terms of strict adherence to the finest and best details in the design and accuracy of the product to the best of our abilities. We are also very keen on delivering by the date that we arrange and provide the client with so that we are able to stay up to standards. We have allowed our products to be fully customizable to the client to better serve them and serve their needs as much as possible. Our products are implemented in many major hotel chains, universities, private Villas, and the VIP lounge at the airport and finally, the Kuwaiti embassies in other countries

1500Design Projects
1100Wall to Wall